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Synergy Direct Funding was a company started out of necessity.  Synergy Direct Funding is a Synergy Direct Solution company which served thousands of small business owners.  Synergy Direct Solution heard the outcry from their thousands of clients and decided to help them solve a problem.  The problem was that good businesses were having trouble staying in business during the recession.  These businesses could keep their doors open and continue to thrive if they could only get a loan from the bank.  From the banks perspective… it was too risky to lend their  money to these businesses and they would prefer to lend to the top 3% of consumers and/or businesses.  Synergy realized that an economy couldn’t consist of only the top 3% of businesses and so we decided to partner up with financial companies.  After establishing 25 parters, Synergy Direct Funding was born.


By leveraging Synergy Direct Funding’s 25 partners the businesses that couldn’t get a loan before could finally get funding.  Some of our partners offer short term loans and some long term loans.  Some offer lower rates and only deal with lower risk, some offer higher rates but will take the riskier borrowers.  Each situation is different in the loan business and Synergy Direct Funding makes sure your interests are protected!  Let us do the hard work for you.  You get us the paperwork and we fight with the lenders.  Call us today to see what we can do for you!