Job Creation in the New Political Economy: Small Companies, Not Big Companies, Create Jobs

The trend towards increased job creation by middle-market companies and not large corporations seems set to continue.

10 Things to Be Grateful for as an Entrepreneur

  1. Being in Control of Your Life Sure, sometimes running a business is stressful. But I don’t have a boss making unreasonable demands on me. So how I manage my stress and that work/life balance is completely up to me. I can work myself into a heart attack, but I’d rather spend time with my kids and rely on my staff to help me grow my company. 2. Your Employees That Help You Do More Speaking of staff, if you’re like me, you’re honored to be surrounded by people who care as much about your business as you do. I attribute this to hiring the right people, which, once you do, allows you to grow your business so much faster. 3. Being Flexible You’ll never again have the bureaucratic red tape you had when you worked in Corporate America. If you want to shift your company’s focus, you can, and quickly. While I have advisors (and my husband and business partner) to consult about major business decisions, I love the fact that we can nimbly change directions or try something new. 4. Vacations Let’s face it: none of us want to work 365 days a year, even if we love what we do. That’s why vacations and time off are so instrumental in making us more balanced and happier entrepreneurs. And it’s wonderful not having to worry about whether we’ve accrued enough time off. I make a point of traveling with my family several times a year, and I know that my business will survive without me for a few days. 5. Technology That Makes You More Productive Where would we be without our smartphones? Twitter? CRM? Not having as much fun running a business, you can bet. I love discovering some piece of technology that makes it easier for me to work without working hard. I can schedule social media updates, check my email, manage client contact information, and write blog posts easier today than even five years ago, which frees me up to do lots of other important things. 6. Your Social Network I don’t know about you, but my company, CorpNet, relies on its strong social following. They’re the people...

65 Questions Venture Capitalists Will Ask Startups

Entrepreneurs need to be prepared in pitching their startup companies to a venture capitalist by anticipating the questions they will receive. The failure to have thoughtful and reasonable answers to VC questions will decrease the likelihood of the company getting funded.

5 Tips to Improve Your Odds of Getting a Small Business Loan

In a perfect world, every entrepreneur would have the resources necessary to transform a killer business idea into a smashing success. However, as you know by now, that’s not how it works.

The Number One Reason Banks Deny Loans to Many Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs regularly confront issues that can threaten the very core of their companies, not the least of which is difficulty securing the financing they need to run and grow a sustainable business.